Time to get started

After many years of debate, I have finally taken the leap to the blogging world!

There are innumerate communications jobs across NGOs in the development and humanitarian world. But there is a surprising lack of advice or discussion about what that means, how to do it well and what to do about communications when you’re not a specialist but have a message to share anyway. And what there is, is usually targeted at nonprofits working in developed countries, with all the underlying assumptions that come with that.

That’s what I’m hoping to target with this blog!

I’ve been working as a communicator and bureaucrat for over ten years, working mostly in development and humanitarian contexts. In that time I’ve found there is a real need for guidance and advice on communications and public relations in the development and humanitarian world, on content, messages, management, all that. Especially for NGOs working in the development or humanitarian space.  And I have the experience to contribute to that. So time to share!

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